The cluster

Finance Innovation is an association and fintech innovation cluster of banks, financial companies, insurance companies, start-ups, investors, tech companies, academia and research insitutions working on the financial services and solutions of tomorrow.

NCE Finance Innovation is a Norwegian Innovation Cluster in the Norwegian Centre of Expertise program supported by Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway and SIVA.

We aim to make finance easy, and export enabling services and technologies to the world.

The cluster has set ambitious goals on innovation, growth and value creation, and aim to increase export of Norwegian fintech to international and global markets.

Our project builds on regional business cluster dynamics, has a national scope and a global ambition.


The project is initiated by the fintech business environment in Bergen. For centuries Bergen has been one of the most prominent centres for trade and export in Norway, and since early in the 19th century it has been fuelled by a strong finance sector. Over the last decades, the finance sector and technology sector in Bergen have developed strong bonds based on common challenges and possibilities. And with a rapidly accelerating digitalisation over the last years, the bonds have tightened into a vibrant fintech cluster with self-reinforcing effects and with national and international branches, collaboration being comprehensive.

The cluster has fostered the first only online bank in Norway, award winning user experience on mobile banking and payments, new technology driven banking start-ups, rapidly growing tech start-ups in for example robotic process automation, new flexible banking platforms, and a ground-breaking investment platform aimed for non-professionals.

The number of employees in the finance sector in Bergen is 6200, representing a value creation of 13,5 BNOK – a growth of 164% over eight years. The information technology sector has 3500 employees and a value creation of 4,1 BNOK, and the related education and research institutions 18400 students and 3800 employees.



The cluster goes beyond Bergen and includes players throughout western Norway, and through company structures, alliances, partner and customer relationships the fintech cluster is closely connected to and interwoven with the industry in other Norwegian cities and neighbouring countries. On a national level the industry counts 53.500 employees in a total of 2270 companies, representing a value creation of 171 BNOK (5,9% of the national gross national product).

NCE Finance Innovation has a national scope, and will include players throughout Norway and work closely with other fintech initiatives such as incubators and accelerators. NCE Finance Innovation also aim to work closely with other associations within ICT and Finance resprectively, and with regulatory bodies.



The goal is to create new financial services and solutions through existing and new companies, and to increase the export of fintech to international and global markets.

With a world class financial system, the third most efficient payment system in Europe and being the second most digitalised country in Europe, Norway is extremely well-positioned to take lead positions in, and significantly increase the export of, fintech both in Europe and overseas. With a wide range of players, including market leaders in banking, insurance, tech, and research along with a vibrant start-up environment and investors, the fintech cluster has the best of prerequisites to lead the way in building this position.



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