NCE Finance Innovation is looking for people who are driven, experienced and who are keen to give back and add value to our start-ups and entrepreneurs in our incubator, Fintech Room.

We are searching for mentors who have industry, investment, or entrepreneurship experience to assist our innovative start-ups get off the ground, help fast track and kickstart their products or services.


As a mentor in the Finance Innovation mentor team you will be working with start-ups and will share your insights, knowledge, network and guidance freely as best as you can.
You are an expert within your field, understand the value of innovation, eager to give advice and do not shy away from giving in-depth feedback.

You will set a side time for some of the start-ups (you can decide yourself how much time you are willing to set aside.)
However, the more time you give, the better the chances are for you to get close-up to some sky-rocketing ideas and creative minds!

We promise you will get a smart and challenging audience to guide through various projects!

Is this you? If so, where have you been all our lives?
Are you perhaps the asset we have been looking for? Or maybe you know someone hiding away who should become a Finance Innovation mentor?

Fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
PS: All mentors will get to take part in our awesome Mentor Kick-Off (date tbc)