Wednesday 30 January
Media City Bergen

(Limited amount of tickets for non-members of NCE Finance Innovation)

Fintech Game Changers: Revolut, Monobank and Tink

Join us for an exciting afternoon in Media City Bergen and meet the ever growing fintechs: Revolut, Monobank and Tink.

We’ll be diving into how Revolut, Monobank and Tink have managed to scale-up so speedily and how to the road to success has been. 

We all know the road to success comes with some unforeseen challenges, so we look forward to hearing about both the challenges and opportunities these companies have faced in light of success.

We’ll end the event with a Q&A (we’ll set up a live question feed where you can send in your questions during the event)

Get to know the companies and join us for drinks :)

Program and more info to come!

Mean while check out the companies and get warmed up! 

 Revolut – www.revolut.com 

 Monobank - www.monobank.no 

 Tink – www.tink.com 

Practical details

: January 30, 15.00-17.00.

Where: Media City Bergen 

Where to go: Media City Bergen has two entrances: Lars Hilles gate 30 and Odd Frantzens plass 5.

Event staff will guide you to the event area. 

Contact us at info@financeinnovation.no if you have any questions.

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Photo: Media City Bergen