Oslo Hackathon participants on a clear mission

Finance Innovation just concluded its second Hackathon in Oslo, in collaboration with Oslo Fintech Hub and TheFactory. Thirty participants worked around the clock to come up with solutions to revolutionize the world of finance. 

Great ideas through unexpected connections
With less than 30-hours at their disposal, we challenged thirty Hackathon participants to come up with solutions that could revolutionize the world of finance through simplification, visualization and new combinations of data.

Five teams were formed after a brainstorming session led by Simen Armond, Finance Innovation and Eirik Eidem, Sparebanken Vest. The teams consisted of a diverse set of people from start-ups, universities and professionals from the financial and tech industry. 

"Its about unusual connections. We had a melting pot of great people coming together here in Oslo. It was safe to say that we would be seeing many great ideas pitched." says Simen Armond.

With a limited time frame the teams managed to come up with a broad spectre of solutions and tackled problems and challenges from various angles. Their solutions were evaluated by criteria’s such as user potential, prototype, level of innovation, commercial potential and x-factor.

After five impressive pitches, it was evident that the teams had worked hard to create innovative solutions they saw a need for in the market, such as savings-app for children, strengthening refugees financial position, peer-to-peer lending solutions, API-platforms and trading with robots.

Winning Team: MeshBot – making developers awesome.
Markus and his team created an API builder that makes it easier for you to make your own endpoints with data from one or several existing APIs, even adding the ability to receive data in real-time. MeshBot's mission is basically to make developers even more awesome.  Congratulations!

 Winning team Meshbot: Bjorn Reitzer, Alex Ornberg, Sebastian Rundqvist, Markus Tenghamn with mentor Janne Uggedahl from Nordea. 

Winning team Meshbot: Bjorn Reitzer, Alex Ornberg, Sebastian Rundqvist, Markus Tenghamn with mentor Janne Uggedahl from Nordea. 

A Hackathon - fun, exciting and challenging
After an intense 30-hours of work we asked team Orbia about their Hackathon experience. The team of six co-jointly expressed that it was challenging, yet fun and exciting working together as a team during the Hackathon.

"One can never know how the team will turn out, especially when all of us were strangers to one another. However, we quickly learned that we had a great team and that the team dynamics was an unexpectedly good match. We all came from different backgrounds and I think that was our strength." says Vivek Ayer in team Orbia.

The team was awarded the best prototype for their solution by the jury and were very pleased to get positive feedback about their solution and team effort.

"Trying to create a good concept during such a short time was quite challenging, but we are quite proud by the fact that we managed to make a good business plan and create a prototype to actually show the jury." says Winnie Wold in team Orbia.

Finance Innovation's Fintech Hackathon in Trondheim
If you were not able to join us in Bergen or Oslo,  then we hope to see you in Trondheim this fall!


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