Start: 3 October - 08.30


When: 3-4 October
Where: F3, NTNU Accel - Trondheim

Are you ready to be part of changing the world of finance? Through simplifications, unexpected visualizations or new combinations of data? Then come bring your talent and get creative at Finance Innovation and NTNU ACCELS’s Hackathon in Trondheim!  

We are calling all students, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts with an interest to our Hackathon in Trondheim this October!  

The background: In the year ahead of us we will see great changes in bank access, payments and aggregation of related services.  New regulations such as PSD2 open a whole new world of innovation, new payment services are rolled out and the customers will move towards the simplest, most innovative and most disruptive solutions.   

The goal?  To revolutionize the way financial services are delivered and customer experiences designed by fostering innovation, collaborating and leveraging new technology following the PSD2 regulatory change.  

A hackathon is a marathon of innovation, creativity, designing and intense work to build innovative solutions from scratch within two days. The hackathon will culminate with pitching to a panel of judges who will name the winner team.  

What to expect: This is a great opportunity to be coached by industry experts, meet new people, learn new skills, maybe even meet a co-founder to kick start your own idea and take on challenges at the cutting edge of fintech. 

Collaboration: You can either sign up as a team, or we will put teams together. We recommend creating an interdisciplinary team, but it’s not a must. You don’t have a team, but you have a good idea, or you just want to participate with your skillset? No problem, join the event and we’ll set you up with a team! 

Mentorship: We will provide you with the right mentors to guide and help to develop your solution! Tap into our network of experts in the industry and we’ll create something awesome together.   

Get up to speed: Our experts will provide crash courses in rapid product development and prototyping to bring everybody up to speed – and experts speedier. You will be provided with in depth knowledge of technical and regulatory possibilities within PSD2.  You will have all the tools you need to kick-start your own Fintech start-up! 

APIs and data: We will provide you with APIs and data to get you going and start visualizing. This will enable your team, with support from our experts, to build a working prototype during the hackathon. A prototype that you can show to potential customers and learn from their feedback. And most importantly: A prototype you can show to our jury!  

GREAT PRIZES for the best ideas! 
1st place:  
Inbucator       –    Fast-track for consideration to Finance Innovations incubator program
Slush conf.     –    Tickets to experience the world’s leading startup event (in Helsinki!) 
Mentor time   –    Pick mentors of your choice from our mentor networks

Food and drinks - on the house! 

Contact us at: info@financeinnovation.no  


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