the startups


Tjommi is an app that automatically scans and collects price guarantees for you when you’ve bought a product at a major retail chain. When you buy a product with a "price guarantee", the store has promised that they will be the cheapest or give you the return. If the price of the product you bought goes down in the next 50 days, you have the right to claim the difference. To get your money, take a picture of the receipt in the Tjommi app. Tjommi trains the internet and finds price changes. If Tjommi finds changes, they’ll send you a prefilled form so you can easily claim the difference from the retailers through the app.

Founder: Henrik Johannessen


Horde offers a platform where you can see all of your credit cards and consumer loans in one place. It allows you to see the balance of your loans, how big your credit limit is, what you owe and to which interest rate. The app also lets you cancel the cards you dont want, so you can get better terms when applying for loans. The team is also working on another “secret” project to further improve your private economy.

Founder: Alf Gunnar Andersen


GoScore+ is a mobile app that gives users a better overview of their spending and other credit products, help to control and pay less interest. The app is going to provide a better way for credit product management for private persons and independent credit product matching the user needs. These benefits both society by improving financial stability and lenders by reducing risk need to be taken.

Founder: Max Gordienok


ROOMR is a revolutionary platform that will simplify the entire rental process. The platform will provide full overview of the tenancy and help the landlord to find the perfect tenant. The purpose of the service is to create safe and secure leases for both parties.

Founders: Adam Skårvik and Nikolai Nordbotn

Falck Advisory.png

Falck Advisory is developing a quantitative tool for use in early-stage financing. The tool aims to both increase the volume of early-stage funding transactions, as well as increasing the overall success-rate of early-stage investments. The tool contributes to translating what the founder can see clearly, into a language that the investor understands equally clearly.

Founder: Hans Falck


Nordic QuantLab is a company that specialises in automated machine learning, which allows for a unique triplet of speed, adaptive learning and accuracy. We seek to bridge the gap between what is currently in industrial production and the capabilities of machine learning; we distribute user friendly and compatible software that, by having our state-of-the-art algorithms at its core, can handle and learn from large amounts of data.

Founder: Berent Å. S. Lunde