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What is your view on “Open Banking”?

Deadline: 21.10, monday included

What is your understanding of ‘Open Banking’? Coming from the Financial Services industry we have our views and beliefs, but it is you, a customer of financial services institutions, that will receive the benefits.

You hear about ‘Open’ in almost every industry, and we would like to perform a very quick assessment of your view on ‘Open Banking’.


Innovation Leadership: Competence program for cluster companies

30. Sep 2019

NHH Executive has started a competence program for leaders and innovation managers in cluster companies. The key words for the program is strategy, innovation, business models, transformation, culture and internationalization..


Digitalization is “old news”

13. Sep 2019

Automation is the key for efficiency allowing Travis to perform multiple tasks with minimal human assistance, says Sanna Lutsoja, Head of Product in Travis Reise & Utlegg. We had a chat with Travis, the latest addition to NCE Finance Innovation, to learn a little more about what they are up to.


Starting smart for successful teams

12. Sep 2019

In proper startup spirit Finance Innovation has initiated two pilot innovation groups, and what’s better than starting off with a session on smart teamwork. Members from across the Finance Innovation ecosystem gathered to build “smart teams” inspired by a research team at the Norwegian School of Economics.


Tapping into the future with Itera

10. Sep 2019

Digital specialist Itera joins NCE Finance Innovation. With their vast experience they’re already offering value to the cluster ecosystem from the get-go with an insightful seminar on open banking in Oslo.


Take control of your credit!

22. Aug 2019

Cluster member Horde wants to improve your private economy. With many credit suppliers and options to choose from, it’s easy to lose track of what you owe and how much it actually costs you.


Moving fast with NEW

28 Jun 2019

The startup imove is innovating the personal mobility business; NEW is fast-tracking the scale-up. The combination has resulted in flexible and environmentally friendly ways of transportation ready for the market at record speed. We got to try one of their latest contributions, imove’s el-scooter, and it was an absolute blast!


Fintech HarMoney at Startup Extreme

28 Jun 2019

During this year’s Startup Extreme Festival in Voss, NCE Finance Innovation teamed up with Bulder Bank to highlight the do’s and don’ts of collaboration between start-ups and large corporations.


New impressions and insights at mcb tech.19

25 Jun 2019

Dark data and the exposure of Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, intelligent new technology and product discovery were some of the hot topics at this years mcb tech conference hosted by NCE Finance Innovation and NCE Media.


Bli vår nye kollega!

21 Jun 2019

Vil du være med på å bygge den norske fintech-klyngen? Da ser vi etter deg!

Vi er inne i en utrolig spennende vekstfase og ser derfor etter en innovasjonsrådgiver som vil være med å styrke NCE Finance Innovation.


LØRN fintech with Silvija Seres

06 Jun 2019

Fintech is the hot topic in the latest session of LØRN.TECH. Silvija Seres talks with cluster members in NCE Finance Innovation about trends and developments in the industry.

2019 - Accountflow.JPG

Oslo based startup, Accountflow, joins the cluster

06 Jun 2019

Startuplab Alumni, Accountflow joins NCE Finance Innovation with ambitious goals and a clear strategy to make accounting great again.


Future Week in Media City Bergen

05 Jun 2019

Media City Bergen opens its doors June 11-14th to everyone interested in technology and innovation. Get a first-hand experience of what the future might look like, and how YOU can shape, form and influence it. 

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Brainstorming future Know Your Customer opportunities

12 Apr 2019

We gathered our members to come #Think with us at Media City Bergen. The participants came from several different companies located around in Norway, with a common desire to discuss and learn more about Know Your Customer (KYC).


Meet Simone, our new intern!

08 Apr 2019

We are delighted to introduce Simone Brattli as our first intern in NCE Finance Innovation. Simone is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Innovation and Management at The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), and will spend her internship in the Fintech Cluster the next 10 weeks.


Dr Ayesha Khanna confirmed for mcb tech .19 

07 Apr 2019

It is a pleasure to announce Dr Ayesha Khanna as a speaker at the mcb tech conference. Khanna is the Co-Founder and CEO of Addo AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) advisory firm and incubator. 


Cluster members and DiggEcard enter exclusive fintech program

12 Mar 2019

The two Bergen-based companies have been accepted in Mastercard and NFT Venture’s startup program, the Light House. They are among fifteen chosen companies from Norway, Denmark and Estonia.


Horde, a new lending platform benefiting community banks

06 Mar 2019

Horde joins NCE Finance Innovation’s incubator and are ready to give back to the consumers by offering better terms and user experience through their lending platform.

Kristoffer Hammer .jpg

NCE Finance Innovation and NCE Media increase focus on EU funding

07 Feb 2019

NCE Finance Innovation and sister cluster, NCE Media appoint a shared EU advisor to work with cluster members to identify relevant EU calls and produce top-notch applications for project funding.


Nets teams up with NCE Finance Innovation

24 Jan 2019

We are happy to announce that Nordic payment solutions expert, Nets, joins the Norwegian fintech cluster.


Bli vår nye kollega!

04 Jan 2019

Vi er inne i en utrolig spennende vekst-fase og ser derfor etter flere ressurspersoner som vil være med å styrke NCE Finance Innovation teamet!.


Meet our new roommate, Tjommi!

20 Dec 2018

Tjommi is a part of the newly established fintech incubator in Bergen, the Fintech Room.

The first thing Henrik Johannessen told us when we met him was: Tjommi is the app you’ve been waiting for.

PSDnews 2 - 750x.png

Årets julegavetips fra NCE Finance Innovation: PSD2-samarbeid

14 Dec 2018

Nå kommer det mange norske bankkunder har etterspurt: en oversikt over alle bankkonti på ett sted. Sparebanken Vest, Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane og Sbanken er først ute i Norge med å tilby tjenesten.


Siva supports fintech initiative in Bergen

11 Dec 2018

The Government and Siva strengthens innovation environments across the country and has awarded BTO with NOK 1.5 million to strengthen the incubator program, Fintech Room. The newly launched program is a collaboration with NCE Finance Innovation and is aimed at entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions for banking, finance and insurance.


Marty Cagan and David Carroll to mcb tech .19

10 Dec 2018

David Carroll, the US professor taking on Cambridge Analytica in the UK Courts, and Marty Cagan, writer of the bestselling book “Inspired: How To Create Tech Products Customers Love” will both be at mcb tech . 19. Get your early bird ticket now.


Creating future fintech leaders

29. nov 2018

This week the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) welcomed 30 professionals from both public and private sector to Norway’s first ever Executive MBA in Fintech.


Tildelt NCE-status på rekordtid

8. nov 2018

Et drøyt år etter at fintech-klyngen ble etablert i Bergen, er Finance Innovation tildelt status som Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE).


Her skal fintech-fremtiden skapes

26 Oct 2018

Finance Innovation har offisielt lansert inkubatoren, the Fintech Room, sammen med Bergen Teknologioverføring.


PSD2-samarbeid skaper stor interesse i Norge og internasjonalt

16 Oct 2018

Det nye PSD2-samarbeidsprosjektet til Sparebanken Vest, Sbanken og Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane skaper stor interesse i Oslo, hvor over 100 deltakere møtte opp for å høre om aktørenes nye samarbeid.


Largest Fintech Hackathon in Norway – ever!

09 Oct 2018

55 participants and 12 teams just finished up a 25-hour Fintech Hackathon in Trondheim hosted by Finance Innovation and NTNU Accel – and it was awesome!


Vipps, så ble de medlem av Finance Innovation

25 Sep 2018

Selskapet som står bak Nordens ledende digitale betalings- og identifiseringstjeneste, Vipps - blir medlem av Finance Innovation.

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