NHH's Executive MBA in Technology and Innovation of Finance is now open for applications

The idea to establish an EMBA in Fintech was launched shortly after NHH became a core member of the Finance Innovation cluster in Bergen.

The initiative grew out of an impression that many firms that are likely to be affected by the changes associated with Fintech feel an urge to update their knowledge and skills to be better prepared to act on opportunities and handle threats.

"We see that the supply of programs with such an offering is currently scarce (also internationally), and consist mostly of shorter courses or programs directed at understanding different technologies. To fill this void, NHH decided to establish an executive MBA-program on the topic" says Eirik Knudsen, Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics. 

Program structure
The name of the program seeks to cover the thematic and scholarly content of the program, as well as to communicate our take on the fintech-topic. The first word in the name, Technology, is to signal that technological advancement is the driving force behind a majority of the changes associated with the “fintech revolution”. New technologies have made it possible for firms to innovate around new products, services and new business models to deliver customer value in new and innovative ways. Technological advancements are also an important driver for regulatory changes like PSD2, GDPR, etc.

The second part of the name, Innovation of Finance, signals two things. The first and obvious one is that innovation of financial services is at the heart of Fintech. The second is to signal that the program’s focus is not restricted to innovations in finance, meaning what we have traditionally thought of as the finance and banking industry. The program is also highly relevant for firms and industries beyond this sector, where innovation of financial services is important today, or is expected to become more important in the years to come. Examples of the latter include (but is not restricted to) retailers that launch their own payment platforms, telecom-firms that launch banking services, and transportation companies that integrate payments, leasing and credit in their services

The program starts November 2018.
Applications for the EMBA is now open

*NHH is hosting a crash-course for the EMBA,  June 13 in Oslo. You can sign up here 

Eirik S. Knudsen, NHH and Atle Sivertsen, Finance Innovation