The cluster is currently running and facilitating a selection of projects with and for its members. Our projects are based on input from cross-member sessions and more ideas and projects will be based on our members input, general fintech trends and other collaborative activities.

The prioritization of the projects is done by NCE Finance Innovation in close cooperation with the board

To get involved in any of the projects, please get in touch with us and remember to sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.



Speeding up implementation of new EU payment directive for increased competitativeness

The project has facilitated the implementation of a solution for sharing accounts and transactions between the banks Sbanken, Sparebanken Vest and Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane (Read more).  This has been done in cooperation with Evry (tech) and PwC (legal).

Work is ongoing to extend the solution to also include payments and extend the co-operation with more banks.


From Data to Business Insights

Sharing data and know-how to create better insights and new opportunities.

The project has mapped the needs and a wide set of suggestions among a large group of participants within the field of machine learning on a large shared data-set.  This has been narrowed down to a pilot on the reduction of insurance fraud.

The project is currently establishing the legal basis for the project cooperation and refining the first data sets for the pilots. Insurance companies, legal and academic partners are currently the involved in the project.

As part of the pilot work is ongoing to attract more participants to increase the data-pool.  Collaboration with other initiatives/organisations such as Finance Norway is being investigated.

The project is expected to be extended to other use-cases with more/other participants as a follow-up of the pilot.



Collaborating to improve digital onboarding of customers through improved Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) processes

The project has mapped a wide need and interest in KYC.  The interest is based on changing requirements and improvements in datagathering and services nationally and internationally.

Ongoing work is related to establishing a series fo knowledge exchange / discussion sessions with contributions from relevant parties within or outside of our members.

There is still potential within this topic to re-establish a more specific project seeking to develop a shared service across the member organisations.

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